Housing in Haiti

What do you think should be one of the first priorities to be addressed by the Haitian Government, education, health, employment, or housing?

Do some research by searching for at least one article on Jstor or a book or book chapter in our library that addresses one of these issues and supports your argument as to why what you propose should be a priority.

Also, how do you think we can help?

Cite your source at the end of your post. (150 words )

Also , respond to two class mates post 50 words per response

1) Housing in Haiti

The people of Haiti have been suffering for hundreds of years at the hands of their government. Providing safe housing and land ownership rights to citizens should be the first issue the government tackles. Houses in Port-au-Prince are not durable, do not provide adequate space, do not allow access to sufficient water and also do not have clear land tenure (Carmalt 45). Providing Haitians with better homes can reduce the risk of exposure to illnesses spread by unsanitary conditions, which may improve the overall health of the population. As their health improves, so will their overall quality of life. Since the country’s birth, most Haitians have not been legally allowed control of the land their ancestors suffered for. Today most low-income households occupy their homes through a system of informal agreements under which there is no way to pinpoint who should be held responsible for maintaining the properties. The government owes to its people the right to own land and to do with it as they see fit.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), according to their website, has been working continuously on improving the housing issues in Haiti. But their webpage also cites challenges within the Haitian government itself as a barrier to progress. The US has a long history of exploiting or taking over foreign countries and I think they would repeat this in Haiti. Intervention must come from either a more neutral nation or Haiti itself.

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Carmalt, Jean. “Prioritizing Health: A Human Rights Analysis of Disaster, Vulnerability, and Urbanization in New Orleans and Port-Au-Prince.” Health and Human Rights, vol. 16, no. 1, 2014, pp. 41–53. JSTOR, JSTOR, <link is hidden> />

2)Economic Growth
I thing Haiti should prioritize economic growth by trying to attract more business. If you are able to bring more business into Haiti you will create jobs and put money in peoples pockets. Then you can tackle more challenging things like things like housing and education by having more revenue to put money into schools and teachers. The process for having a business in Haiti is complicated. Paperwork alone takes about 195 days and that discourages people from owning business in the country. It is tough for businesses to actually function because of the difficulty in getting credit and the bad consumer protection in the Haitian government. You would need to reform the labor laws of Haiti as well. Clothing is a big part of Haiti’s economy,about About 90 percent of Haiti’s exports, but because of the extremely low wages the industry does not help the people of Haiti very much.

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