Effects of aid conditionality on post conflict reconstruction’s Strategy

• Introduction

1. Why aid is needed post conflict reconstruction ?
2. What the definition of aid ? you need unpack what the meaning by ‘aid’. There is ODA, bilateral, multilateral.
3. What is aid conditionality ?
4. Why the recipient government (post conflict government) should have a Strategy to organize the post conflict reconstruction and to deal with aid conditionality ?
5. How or in what will be the cases of Iraq and Afghanistan post conflict be useful for Syria upcoming post conflict experience ?
6. The main argument ?
7. How you did it (how your organize your work, main method used, etc.?

Note : Objective of the post conflict strategy is : To produce positive results for citizens and the country in post conflict context , and to increase the chances for an effective use of the donors funds, the post conflict reconstruction activities should be guided by a structured and outlined Post conflict reconstruction “Strategy”. Such “Strategy” shows how any country in post conflict context intends to pursue reconstruction , where they outlines the role of internal and external actors , the successful indicators ,how to mitigating risks and other important factors which contributes to positive results and provide a hope for a better future.

• Problem Statement : Post conflict countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan required aid to help in post conflict reconstruction process. Therefore, it’s important to understand/research the lessons learnt on the role from their experience with aid conditionality and priorities and highlight what have worked and what did not work during the post-conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both positive and negative lessons learnt would be useful in the case of Syria after a long period of war. (Give some examples, some facts and figures on the importance of ODA in these 2 countries).
1. You must further unpack: what is to be known in relation to aid-conditions (conditionality) for post conflict reconstruction?
2. How the strategy will help to respond to aid conditionality ?
3. Components of the post conflict strategy ?
4. How to integrate the conditions in the strategy?
5. The study will analyze three factors that can contribute to better and effective post conflict reconstruction “Strategy”. The factors are (1) Result based strategy (2) who are the stakeholder involved internally and externally and (3) aid coordination and priority between the receipts and donors .
6. Also you must add about how a country who just finished with war can build a reconstruction strategy mobilizing foreign aid.

• Research objective , please suggest at least 3 objective
• Research questions , please suggest at least 5 questions
• Significance of the Research
• Analytical framework
• Literature review.
• Methodology : The study follows a qualitative research design , using secondary sources from reviews of books, Articles, field reports and journal articles on the theme of post conflict reconstruction experiences with <link is hidden> Primary resources from interviews with post conflict experts , International Donors and NGOs.

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