Studying Women and Gender in the Middle East

Title: Studying Women and Gender in the Middle East



  • Gendering the Middle East. Emerging Perspectives by Kandiyoti
  • “Introduction” in Remaking Women by Abu Lughoud


Paper outline:

  1. Introduction: Descriptive (20%):
  • Summarize the two reading by explaining what each reading is talking about and authors stand points
  • The different phases of feminism in the Middle East where Abu Lughoud describes feminism as politics of modernity and the notion of state feminism, while Kandiyoti relates Feminism to nationalism
  • What is the role of state in Kandiyoti article in compare to Abu Lughoud



  1. Body: Analytical (70%):
  • Both authors engage critically with nationalism, modernization, and the politics of modernity. What are their arguments? how do their arguments differ?
  • What is your opinion? you will need 2-3 sub-points to structure this main analytical part.
  • Is relativism limiting or shaping women’s agenda?
  • Does modernization uplift women from tradition to modernity (universalism)?



  1. Conclusion: Normative (10%):
  • How feminism shall be studied in the Middle East and where shall it fall under cultural relativism vs. universalism?











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