The Effects of Sex – Typing

Paper 1 – Critique

Sexual Behavior


For this article, I will be looking for primarily a critique of the article, as well as your own thoughts (inspired by the Sex Research lecture) about a sex research experiment you could carry out (it does not have to be related to gender-schemas)



Here is how it will be graded:


2 points – Explain the hypothesis and results


2 points – Two strengths of the article (based on good research design covered in chapter 3 or related concepts)


2 points – Two weaknesses of the article (based on research design covered in chapter 3 or related concepts)


1 point – Future direction of this research or propose your own experiment


2 points – Grammar/spelling/formatting: (double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12pt Times New Roman font, no need for title or abstract or references page)


1 point – Length of at least 2 pages (no more than 3)


Total 10 points


Helpful tips:

  • Since you’re all using the same one article, I am not looking for any APA-type citations.
  • Your paper will be checked for similarity against other students’ papers both in this class and worldwide, as well as published sources. Refrain from quoting more than a few words from the article (paraphrase rather than quote unless absolutely necessary) so it doesn’t look like you are plagiarizing.
  • Do NOT critique how easy or hard the article is to read, the writing style or word choice of the authors, or the graphs. Instead, focus on the research methodology used when offering strengths and weaknesses.
  • Explain your strengths and weaknesses by elaborating on your point and including the example of what the authors wrote in the article.
  • Make use of the Writing Center on campus to improve the quality of your writing.
  • Email a TA or visit during office hours if you need help or want them to check your paper to see if you are on the right track!


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