Read the article located under Resources, “Men’s Engagement Rings Proclaim, He’s Taken” or click

Engagement Rings

Introduction: This assignment will assist in your gaining a better understanding of the culture influence in society

This assignment fulfills/supports

  • Module Outcome: You will be able to identify some ways that the different elements of culture influence everyday life.
  • Course Outcome: You will be able to define the concept of culture and demonstrate an appreciation for and understanding of cultural diversity.
  • General Education Competency You will be able to communicate effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments. You will be able to demonstrate socialization skills that support cultural awareness and a global perspective.

The Assignment: – Rings

In the text, you have learned how members of a society give meaning to the objects around you. Consider how you view and make use of rings in our society. Think about what comes to your mind when you see a ring with a diamond on it on the fourth finger of someone’s hand and then address the following questions:

What does the ring symbolize? What was the gender of the person you imagined? Why? What is it about our society that has led to that image?

NOW, Read the article located under Resources, “Men’s Engagement Rings Proclaim, He’s Taken” or click on the following: Rings

Prompt: Did the article influence your perspective on the topic? Why?or why not? How does this experience relate to the fact we tend not to even notice our culture and its influence on us until we find ourselves looking at it from a different cultural perspective?

Grading Criteria:

Develop an essay addressing all of the above questions. Acceptable Length: 2-3 pages

Formatting Requirements:

  • Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title at the top of the document.
  • Use one-inch margins.
  • Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Use double line spacing in the document.
  • Use MLA_Citation_Style

Grading Criteria: Your grade will be determined by the questions answered, the length, the content, and timely submission.

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