University Addmission Letter

In this essay I have to talk about myself and my academic experiences for university admission. I am from Iran and I studied the 11 years in Iran school. for the last year I had to move out of the country and then I got to study the last year here in US and got my diploma. Everything is different where I lived. Religion discrimination caused many problem during school for me. In Iran there are prestigious excellent secondary schools only designed for the top students who can pass the exam. The exam is taken once a year throughout the country and whoever passes it can enter. Even though I passed the exam I could not register my name in school because of my religion. No private school was willing to take the risk and register me because of my religion. I ended up going to the only school that was willing to register me and IT was the worse school in <link is hidden> had the lowest rank and it did not have any students with GPA above 15 out of 20.I was the only one with GPA20 which is the highest in my country’s school system .I had no other option and I registered. The school name was Oveisi. One thing I can tell you about myself I love learning. test scores don’t matter to me as long as I am learning I am happy . I started gathering books and studying on my own. The materials I was learning in the school was so incomplete that I had to find another way. Since my family could not afford to get me a teacher out of school I started on my own. I gathered information from wherever I could. My focus was math and science. I could not also rely on internet since most sites such as YouTube and …. Are blocked in my country. Every year the providence used to take a mandatory test or a contest . everyone from every school was attending. Even though I had not prepared for the test at all because tests do not concern me I achieved rank two in providence between all schools including the prestigious excellent schools in two years in a row. I also achieved excellency in physics and math contest following year. My posters and name was removed from the wall in 24 hours. Although I did not receive any prize for my achievements either because of religion discrimination, it did not bother me at all. I got the certificates of my achievements which was still better than nothing. When people started to question why I was studying in the worse school not the prestigious one if I can manage to rank second they denied me access to university. I was no longer had a chance to register in any university throughout country. In that year I left my home and my family behind and moved in to United states as a refugee in hope to be able to learn freely and without any obligations. Learning has always been my passion and no matter what this passion has and will help me through the hardship and obstacles. One life lesson that I learned through my years of schools is that with courage and persistent I can make anything possible. Now The school I was attending (Oveisi) became the second best school in the city with the high ranking . I may never had a chance to study in a good school but we(I and the school counsel) definitely could make it one with help of <link is hidden>more thing about me that I have come a very long way and faced many hardships to be in a place where I can learn freely therefor I have no plan of stopping my education despite of circumstances.