A Feminist Literary Analysis of the Book Ethan Frome


Class Directions:
This paper should analyze one chapter from Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. In analyzing the chosen chapter, you should follow the methodology pertinent to a particular school (or schools) of criticism discussed in class and assigned during the weeks prior to the due date of Paper 1. The paper should be concise, cogent, have a concrete, very specific focus, and demonstrate economy of words: your cogent argument and its execution should be contained within 5 pages (double-spaced). You should consult the textbooks and the critical reader while writing this paper; 2-3 secondary sources are required for this assignment (but more can be used if the student finds the inclusion of a particular source essential to his/her argument). The goal of using secondary sources is to show that you are aware of what other scholars have said on the topic that you have chosen to explore and examine. Your argument should be in conversation with and build on what other scholars have already said. In short, the secondary sources you will choose to use should be helpful to you not only in contextualizing your analysis but also in supporting your thesis and/or challenging an established judgment.

My Directions:
Please write a paper on a chapter from the book Ethan Frome, from the “Feminism” school of critical literature analysis. I would prefer you to use chapter 4, however if you find a chapter better suited to this type of analysis when looking at the book feel free to use it.

Here is a link to the electronic version of Ethan Frome I use for class: <link is hidden> />
I am attaching a PDF of the textbook chapter we used in class to talk about Feminism. I have also included the title page of the book with all the relevant information needed for a work cited page. PLEASE use this book as one of the three sources needed. The other two sources are up to you.

Please use MLA formatting and 12 point Times New Romans font with one inch margins. Please put the “Work Cited” on the 6th page.

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