Nike Business Strategy

Research Paper: The research Paper consists of applying the complete strategic planning process to Nike Inc., which consist of the four main phases of analysis, strategy generation, strategy selection, and monitoring.

The format of the research Paper is as follows:

A)Abstract: A 250 word summary of the work

B) Introduction and Company overview
Summarize the background of Nike Inc., and objectives of your research project. (1 page maximum)
Include Nike Products,
Nike Vision & mission and its significance

C) Theoretical Framework and Topic Statement:
Describe in detail the context of the research. In this section you will show a clear understanding of the topic. (1-2 pages)

The research paper should explore and analyze how Nike, Inc. was able to remain stable over the years. Furthermore, it will try to closely examine various strategies used by the company that makes it stand out among its competitors. Specifically, this research will investigate the following:
1. A strategic management model of the leaders of the company?
2. Factors that contribute to the success/popularity of Nike, Inc.?
3. Various marketing strategies employed by Nike, Inc.?
4. The strengths and weaknesses of the company?

D) Methodology:
You will describe the methods you chose to conduct your research. For simulation, or mathematical modeling, you will also need to explain the parameters and assumptions made.

E) Analysis and Results
This section is the larger part of the project and involves the use of several analysis tools in order to know the current situation of the firm. It may contain statistical information, survey results, calculations, and any other relevant findings to do the planning process. (about 10 pages)

• Porter’s Five Forces
• PESTEL Analysis
• SWOT Analysis
• Competitive advantage analysis

To create and chose a new strategy, several factors that are internal and external required to be taken into consideration. The following matrices started to cover scores, rating and weight for the IFE, EFE and CPE to help in planning the business.
• Key internal factor (IFE)
• Key external factor (EFE)
• Competitive profile matrix (CPE)

F ) Strategy Formation Analytical Framework
This section consists of using methods and tools to generate strategies and finally propose a final strategy. It should contain three components: comparing strategies, general strategy proposed, and the functional strategies. (about 30 pages)

• SWOT Matrix (SO and WO)
• SPACE Matrix
• Stage 3: Strategy Options
• Nike’s Current Strategies
• Proposed Strategy options
• Selection and Implementation

G ) Monitoring and Evaluation:
Following your strategy selection, you need to describe how you will monitor the progress of the strategy implementation, and how you will evaluate the performance. (about 3 pages

• Business Intelligence
• Applying BI for the new strategy

H) Conclusion:
Summarize your work, key findings, and future research ideas. (max 1 page)

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