Turkish culture

2. Group Case Study Assignment & Presentation – 40% (due in Sessions 7-11): This group assignment will be due in sessions 7-11 as selected by the group of students.

In a multicultural global context, design a case study to reflect cultural practices that demonstrate ethical conduct, professional practices, integrity and other cultural norms in a society.

The group is required to role-play those cultural intricacies, presenting different scenarios. The group need to communicate proficiently to a variety of audiences and work effectively in a team/group environment.

Thus, as a group, you need to demonstrate cultural practices in four different scenarios of a particular country. Further, need to show the business etiquettes required to adhere to or avoid in such cultural setting.

The case study (role-play) is worth 20% and the written report is worth 20%, totalling 40%. The written report is expected to be around 2500 words.