Genentech Case Study

Written assignmentGenentech Capacity Planning Case Study. Read the Genentech case and answer the questions provided below. Use the Excel Spreadsheet on forecasting posted on blackboard to complete your analysis. Review the bar chart provided in the spreadsheet. Answer the following questions. The paper is Due on Sept. 27th before the class. You should submit the case analysis on blackboard.

Genentech – Capacity Planning – Write up required (3 pages)

Questions to prepare:

  1. In a paragraph summarize what this case is about?
  • Why capacity planning is important for the pharmaceutical product?
  • What is different about manufacturing a biotech product compared to a small molecule?
  • Given the expected demand for Avastin and other Genentech products till 2015 and proper safety margin for production, will Genentech encounter capacity shortage problems? Use the data and chart from the excel spreadsheet
  • What are the specific implications/recommendations for Ebersman’s group regarding CCP3 (location, capacity, technology) and contract manufacturing?
  • What is the optimal process for Ebersman’s group in order to best plan for production capacity, both in this specific instance and on an on-going basis?

    Be prepared to discuss the case in the class. In the class we will get into what is the issue Ebersman dealing with, why capacity planning is important, what factors drive forecasting, pros and cons of outsourcing to expand capacity etc.

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