An eye to detail

You regularly attend the local “weekend warriors” barbeque down by the lake. Many of the people that attend know that you are a nurse, and over the many weeks and months you have attended you have become used to people asking for medical advice or for you to help explain a disease or illness. This week, three older (late 60’s) “weekend warriors” approach you as you are filling your plate with an assortment of foods from the buffet. You can tell by their body language that they are unsure about approaching you. In fact, it seems like they are each trying to convince each other to ask the question. You: Hi there, lovely weekend for it. How are you three going? finally, only one of them speaks. dear… I feel awkward asking this. Before continuing the weekend, warrior takes a deep breath. Weekend warrior 1: We all attend a local gathering of the seventy plus year old fans of education club, also known as SPYOFEC, like Spy Office but a little different. And we were wondering if, given that you are a nurse, you might be able to come to our next club meeting and present some information about the eye. Many of us have eye problems, Gene actually has glaucoma, and there are others that need to be very careful about what they do as they’ve been told their retina could detach. We like to get speakers in to deliver lectures or short presentations about all types of interesting things, and considering many of us have eye problems we thought it might be a great opportunity for us to understand some of our conditions. You: Well I’m not an eye specialist, so I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong information… And before you can finish talking the weekend warrior interrupts you. Weekend warrior 1: Seriously we don’t need anything too detailed. And you are really the only medically trained person we know. If we want to know more after the talk we can look about for an optometrist to give a talk, but really we only want to know what the retina is… Well, I mean, we actually have a list of questions we would like you to answer. Would you please do it? You nod, and tell them that you are happy to give them a talk about the basics of the eye and if they have a list of questions you can look at before the talk you are more than happy to answer the ones you can. You also indicate that you may not be able to answer all their questions. Practical assessment task – Part 1 Below is the document that weekend warrior 1 sent through to you in preparation for the information evening you are talking at. You are to read the letter and prepare answers to the questions asked by SPYOFEC. Things to follow: Exemplary -Clinical and technical knowledge has been clearly, accurately, and extensively described. Technical terminology has continually been explained. – Demonstrated Communication is clear. There are very few mistakes in spelling, and information is presented at an appropriate level for the audience.