Method of Communication with Parents for Children with Autism in Saudi Arabia

CHAPTER 2: REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United States Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder The History of ASD in the U.S.A. Autism Spectrum Disorder Characteristics Education System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Special Education in Saudi Arabia Special Education Legislation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia History of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 43 Need for training E-mail
  • Definition
  • Advantages
  • Prevalence
 Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Obstacles
    • Language Barriers
    • Socioeconomic Differences
    • Less Parent Availability
    • Population Growth
    • Lack of Communication Training
    • Summary
  • Importance
    • Federal Initiatives 
    • Value
    • Summary
  • Disadvantages of E-mail
    • Litigation
    • Misinterpretation
    • Lack of Technical Training
    • Teaching Population 
  • Conclusion
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