Assignment 1: Creating Infectious Disease Transmission Cycles

Geography of Health and Disease (GEO 435)

For this assignment you will design two infectious disease transmission cycles.  You should first study the infectious diseases and then design your transmission cycles.Be sure to include all of the review criteria (below) in the description of your infectious disease cycles.  Remember that the determinants of disease may differ by “place” so be sure to describe the infectious disease cycle specific to a place if that is relevant.  Be sure to include conditions in which the infectious disease transmission cycle can be disrupted either through (a) prevention or (b) control.  Below is an example of a disease transmission cycle for Lyme disease.Create your transmission cycles by hand or in PowerPoint or another software program and then print them out in color and bring them to class on the day Assignment 1 is due or save your transmission cycles as .pdfs and drop them in the Assignment 1 folder drop box. Let us know if you have any questions.Example: disease transmission cycle for Lyme disease.