Essay Questions for Literary Analysis

Essay Questions for Literary Analysis: Choose one of the following prompts and compose a literary analysis essay about one of the short stories assigned on the syllabus. Your essay should be four pages, make an academic argument, and meet MLA format standards.1. One of the most revealing types of conflict occurs when a character’s inner struggles are resolved at great personal price. Often, the character learns a lesson, but too late to help himself or another character. Explain how, in the short story that you read, a character struggles but fails to learn a lesson in time. In your essay, focus on the conflict within the character. Be sure to include the price paid as part of the resolution and the lesson to be learned.2. Often in literary works, authors choose a physical object which takes on a special significance in the work and becomes a symbol of something beyond itself. Show how, in the short story that you read, the author uses a symbol to convey an important meaning. In your essay, focus on the symbol and what it means. Be sure to discuss how the author uses it to convey a message to readers.3. Authors often use descriptive details to develop a setting for several purposes. In an essay, explain how the setting of your short story related to events from the plot, related to characters, or built suspense.4. What is the theme of the short story? In your introduction, state the theme. In your thesis, explain how the theme is developed or why the theme is relevant for study. In your body paragraphs, give specific examples of scenes from the short story in which the author explores the theme.5. The perspective or attitude of the speaker in a poem or the voice who tells a story. The point of view may be first person (a participant, using I ) or third person (an outsider, using he, she, it, they). A first-person narrator may be a major or a minor character in the narrative and may be reliable or unreliable (unable to report events wholly or accurately). A third-person narrator may be omniscient (knows what goes on in all characters’ minds) or limited (knows what goes on in the mind of only one or two characters). How does point of view influence the narrative of your short story?6. What do the words reveal about the author or the historical context of the piece? Are the words old-fashioned? Common? Trendy? (Would the author’s original audience agree with your assessment?)7. How does the plot in the short story you’ve chosen transform the main character?For a custom paper on the above topic or related questions. Place an order with us.What We Offer: 25% Discount on New Clients • On-time delivery guarantee • PhD-level professionals • Automatic plagiarism check • 100% money-back guarantee • 100% Privacy and Confidentiality • High Quality custom-written papers
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