Specific self-confidence in athletes

Chose an appropriate model related to situation specific self-confidence in athletes.Assignment 2: Critical Thinking EssayThe purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your theoretical understanding of motivation. Read Critical Thinking Question Number 1 on pg. 141 of your textbook and answer the question First, what are the hypothesized mechanisms for the detrimental effects of an internal focus, and second, are there exceptions to this general finding?In a 1-2 page essay that meets these additional requirements:· Provide a solid theoretical background for the model you choose to write about.· Supported your model selection with relevant and scholarly appropriate sources.Write the essay in 1–2 pages and present it in Microsoft Word document format.For a custom paper on the above topic or related questions. Place an order with us.What We Offer: 25% Discount on New Clients • On-time delivery guarantee • PhD-level professionals • Automatic plagiarism check • 100% money-back guarantee • 100% Privacy and Confidentiality • High Quality custom-written papers
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