Write about the concept of family

Fall 2018—Paper 1Literature selections: Choose 2 or more from Chapter 9 on Families.  You may also use any of the selections included in Chapters 1-3 that support your thesis/claim. Include a works cited section and in-text citations identifying the selections used.Write about the concept of family. Describe specific experiences, observations or ideas that inform your definition. Use the literature and outside research to support your definition.  Identify differences in family dynamics that are also supported by the literature or research. This should be an essay based on your readings. It may contain short connections to your personal experiences but that should not be the focus of the paper, rather it should be a point of comparison with the literature when appropriate.Utilize the information in chapters 1-3 to help with forming an academic argument.  Even though family is a personal experience, the approach is academic.  Make a claim (thesis) about family and support it with examples from some of the literature selections assigned and include research from other outside sources if appropriate for your argument.  Use MLA format to cite all sources included (literature and outside research). See the library link on the timeline if you need assistance on this method. 

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