American politician

Locate a video of a politician delivering a speech. This have to be an American politician. The speech can be from any time period as well; it does not have to be recent.

1. Post the url to the speech video. Tell us who the politician is and where he or she is from. DO NOT list party affiliation or provide any description that indicates political leanings.

2. Using chapters 16, 17, and 18, list three things (delivery, body, or voice) the speaker does well. You must provide a time stamp for the example (this means tell us where the examples starts).

3. Using the same guidelines as number 2 (chapters, length, time stamp, etc.), list three things the speaker could improve and make a suggestion for how they could improve that skill.


In addition to the things pointed out by the original poster, find one more positive and one more negative trait of the poster’s speech. Follow the same guidelines as number two for your post. In your responses, you must use ONE outside source to support your answer (cannot be the textbook). Cite that source in APA. You may use the same source for both response posts.

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