Car Vending Machine

First paragraph

  • Problem/business need and your proposal/recommendation


Second paragraph

  • Give background information to help the reader understand the need for your proposal
  • Details: who, what, when, where, and why
  • Details on your approach and qualifications


Third paragraph

  • Market analysis (i.e. what competitors are doing, how your proposal will compare, etc.)


Fourth paragraph (may be divided in two paragraphs depending on your proposal)

  • Implementation Plan/Timeline
  • Budget/Initial Costs
  • Include a visual timeline (there’s a template for this in Microsoft Word) and a table or chart outlining the budget/costs


Fifth paragraph

  • The benefits of your solution


Sixth paragraph

  • Conclusion that restates your main points and ties them back to your proposal/recommendation in your first paragraph


List of References (APA style)



  • Include other visuals here to support other information in your proposal



Format Requirements


  • No more than 2 pages, not including the appendix and references
  • Use 1-inch margins and 11 or 12-point font.
  • Do not indent paragraphs.
  • Single-spaced; double-space between each section and paragraph
  • Use brevity tools, like section headers, lists, timetables, budget charts, etc.



Problem: People are not willing to buy cars at local dealership. So I propose that build car vending machine. (like carvana)


  • Solution 1 : Car Vending Machine

Solution 2 : Self-Purchase which make buyer much easier to get the cars and save times and money.

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