Informative Speech

Informative Speech Outline: Exercise

  • Introduction:
  1. If you got 10 minutes, you’ve got a workout!
  2. What are your goals, and life dreams worth to you?
  • According to Harvard Researchers you break down long workouts into short ones and still get the same effect.
  1. First… Define exercising vs what society definition

Next…Inform on 10 minute workouts that are effective; benefits from this

Finally,… Give points on how to be safe/smart while doing this; how to check your HR.


  • Body
  1. The true meaning of exercising
    1. Society’s meaning vs Actual meaning
    2. Importance

(Now that we’ve discussed meaning of exercise, and the importance, lets short effective w.o.)


  1. Effective 10 minute workouts
    1. Effectiveness; benefits
    2. Examples

(Now that we’ve discussed the benefits, and I’ve given you examples. Let’s move to last point)


  • Be smart and safe when exercising
    1. How to know be safe/ check if you’re not pushing too hard; stretching before and after
    2. Checking your heart rate


(Before I end let’s go back to the information I gave you all.)

  • Conclusion
  1. True meaning; Short effective workouts
  2. There is time to workout, and it is good for you.
  • Be smart and safe about it

Concluding sentence: Before I end this, can everyone please start clapping… See I just got your heart rate going.

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