The article Progress in Human Geography by (Graham, S.) reviews the relationship that exists between information technology, space and place. Space and place provide a geographical point of view. The deduction made by the author is that with technology, there is going to be no need for geographical and spatial boundaries since everything will co-exists in one space.

The relevance of the article to the research is that it addresses how technology has impacted human development, by considering the impact on geographical differences. Most importantly, the article is fundamental for this analysis since it speaks to effect of cultural and social human life by technology.

The The Sociological Review article by (Latour, G.) interestingly describes technology as material infrastructure and human development as social superstructure. According to the article therefore, the evolution of technology has been able to lead to social superstructure which is human development. Perhaps the most important aspect raised is in the article is the need to converge the two ideologies. The deduction made is that this makes society durable.

This article will make a great contribution to the research in the sense that it looks at the two concepts independently. It is a critical piece of literature as it notes that the only way human development will be promoted by technology is if there is a convergence between the two. It will be resourceful to the paper by prompting the researcher to interrogate a case of divergence.

The Human Evolution And The Dawn Of Technology book traces the impact of technology on human development from way back during evolution. It looks at the most basic forms of technology used by the early man, such as stones, iron and wood and how the use of such technology impacted human life.

The book will be a resourceful tool to the analysis in the sense that it will provide a background analysis and therefore lay the foundation for the entire research. Also, it will be an incredible resource that adds the cultural perspective to the relationship between technology evolution and human evolution.


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