Wells Fargo Scandal

Topic: Wells Fargo Scandal (2-3 pages)







In this section first analyze why you think that the person or people involved did what they did.  What biases or other causes of decision impairment led to the unethical decision/action?  Apply material from class to address these issues, and please be detailed and thorough.  Specifically, apply in depth the article by Anand et al., including both halves of the article.  This article deals with individual-level bias (the first half) and group/organizational level bias (the second half). Apply, as appropriate, other material on individual-level bias (Bazerman & Tenbrunsel, Parable of the Sadhu, Justin Paperny, Berger/Obedience, McDonalds, Stanford prison experiment, Enron traders), and other material on group/organizational level bias (e.g., diffusion of responsibility/Frat hazing). Also apply, if appropriate, material on subconscious bias(e.g., Carter, Schiffman, Implicit Association Test)

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