What is sex trafficking?

  1. What is sex trafficking? In what ways did the documentary change or challenge your assumptions about sex trafficking?
  2. What are three ways that abducted or runaway girls and boys are lured into sex trafficking?
  3. What types of trafficking did you see in the film? Who were the victims? Did they match your perception of the victims before seeing the film?
  4. Who were the traffickers? Did they match your idea of them before seeing them? What are the profiles of men who buy children for sex online?
  5. What are the specific industries or settings in your community that might be vulnerable to sex trafficking?
  6. On January 10, 2017, a Senate panel released a report alleging that Backpage.com concealed criminal activity by removing words from ads that would have exposed child sex trafficking and prostitution. After the release of the report and relentless pressure from authorities and advocates, Backpage removed its “sex-for-sale” ads from its U.S. web pages, substituting messages alleging it was the “victim of unconstitutional government censorship.” Do you agree with Backpage.com’s allegations? Explain.
  7. Some claim that taking down sites like Backpage.com pushes sex workers onto the streets with no ability to screen their clients, limits choices for sex workers, and makes it more difficult for officials to investigate trafficking. Do you agree? Why or why not?
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