Early Jazz and Society – Team Country

Discussion: Early Jazz and Society – Team Country
The Dixie Ramblers, an early African-American jazz band

Early Jazz & American Society
This week we’ll focus on jazz in its early days and American society. As popular as jazz was, there were many who disapproved of it, for a variety of reasons. Many of those reasons had to do with illegal or illicit activities that tended to congregate in the same districts as the jazz musicians did. You’ll learn more about that in this module.

You will need to complete some readings and view video clips from the documentary "Ken Burns’ Jazz" before you answer the questions on this assignment and complete your post. Links to the reading and video have been added below. Plan on about 2 hours to complete this activity.

Directions – Original Post (Due Monday)

Read the following articles and watch the videos. Read the questions below before beginning so you know what you are looking for. Be sure to save your work in another format just in case there is a problem with the technology. (For this assignment, it may be easier to put your work into a word document and then paste it into the discussion.) You won’t be able to see the posts of others until you complete your own.


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