Ethical decision making model

Ethical Case Study Paper (100 points). Every student will be given an ethical dilemma to review and analyze with the 6 Question ethical decision making model (Strom-Gottfried, 2015). Each student will write a brief paper summarizing their views of the issue and how they applied the ethical decision making model. Students will turn in their brief paper on Blackboard and bring their paper to class or online for group activity.

Paper Guidelines (100 points)
This paper is a brief summary (no more than 5 pages) of your decision making process while reviewing your assigned ethical dilemma. You will be assigned an ethical case study and must apply the ethical decision making model to this case study. Please use headings below.
1. Intro: Start paper with a paragraph that introduces what you discussing in your paper and which ethical decision making process you are using and why.
2. Ethical Dilemma: Give a brief summary (3 paragraphs) of your ethical dilemma, identify the ethical issues present, and which social work ethics applied to your situation.
3. Solution: Share your solution to the problem and again which Social Work ethics and values applied (2 paragraphs).
4. Decision Making Process: Use the Six Question model to discuss how you came to your decision. (2 to 4 paragraphs)
5. Values: What values were present in this situation (yours, SW, society, etc.)? How did identify these values and respond to them? (1-2 paragraphs)
6. Alternatives: Were there any alternatives to your decision that you considered? Why or why not? (1 paragraph)
7. Take Aways: Finish the paper with what was difficult about this assignment and how your own and social work values played a part in your ethical decision making process. What will you take away from this assignment into practice? Make sure to be specific and give specific examples. (2 paragraphs)
8. Conclusion: State your ethical decision and the SW ethics and values that guided you. Conclude with a statement about the importance and difficulty of ethical conduct. (1 -2 paragraphs)
9. Writing: You will need to have a cover page and a reference page that includes the NASW Code of Ethics, Stromm-Gottfried, and other resources you cited in your paper. Paper must follow APA Guidelines for citations, format, and grammar. Please use headings listed above to help organize your paper.