Coming of Age movies



Coming of Age Essay Assignment
Film Analysis, Fall 2018
As we’ve been viewing the films spanning the decades in this unit, I’ve asked you to pay
attention to, and record, what you noticed in each film in terms of character, context, conflict,
and conventions. You’ve probably also noticed some similarities and differences when thinking
about the lives depicted in the films and what young people experience in our world today. In
this essay, you will make a connection between at least 2 coming-of-age films and your
personal experiences or observations of the world around you. The topics in the chart were
designed to help you arrive at a thesis for this paper. Your essay will likely be 4-5 paragraphs
long, depending on your choice of organizational structure.
Your essay should include:
● An introductory paragraph that provides an overview of the films and a preview of the
personal connection and ends with a specific, arguable thesis.
● 2-3 body paragraphs with:
○ Strong topic sentences
○ Specific evidence from each film (detailed descriptions of scenes or moments in
each film)
○ In-depth analysis of your examples in which you pick apart how the details of
your examples support your thesis
○ Insightful concluding sentences
● A concluding paragraph, which could possibly be your connection paragraph

In our Film Analysis class, we watched four Coming of Age movies. “Rebel Without a Cause”, “The Graduate”, “Dazed and Confused”, and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. The assignment is to compare two of these movies and reflect on how they relate to personal experiences and the world around me. Citations should only include scenes from the movies. I requested four sources for this paper; please use two different scenes from the two movies you choose.