Book review

I need you to write a "term paper" through summarizing the whole PowerPoint files. The term paper should be consisted of three parts as follows:
1-A small introduction, which describing the book subject, and the relation between the subjects of the 14 attached chapters starting from chapter no 2 (the "12" PowerPoint files) in a half page (Font size 12). Chapter 14, and 15 can be found in the Word file.
2-The body: I need you to summarize each chapter to two & half pages maximum or less than that, which will be preferable. It would be better if the summary of each chapter is less than two & half pages. Furthermore, each of chapters summary should be linked to the next chapter topic.
3-A conclusion summarizing the relation of all chapters together, and how to avoid the occurrence of urban problems, and lastly, possible brief solutions for the "Journey to Work Trip".

* Notice:-
I already summarized chapter two, and I just need you to connect it to the remaining summary of the remaining chapters in the body of the term paper.
Chapter eight is excluded.
The whole number of the "Term Paper" pages after adding the summary of chapter TWO should be approximately 28 pages.