Emergent (Northouse Chapter 14): Alice, Jackie Krystal, Chaniqua

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RE: Group 2 — Emergent (Northouse Chapter 14): Alice, Jackie Krystal, Chaniqua


Top of Form

Statement of the problem

The annual benefits enrollment process was demanding with the high increase in the number of employees who wanted to be processed in a two-week period. The capacity of the documents to the process was prodigious and they needed an easier means that is of more automation in process. This means the management main objective was to get an invention that did not necessitate many capital expenses for training(Hinterberg, & Hoffman, 2018).

Causes of the problems

The high demand for processing the documents during enrollment has brought some challenges in the hospital software solutions. The hills team leadership models analyze the causative agents of the problems as depicted, lack of commitment among the employees in the hospital that contributed the problem facing the process of the documents and lack of appropriate action that is taken to correct team action.

Decision criteria and alternative solutions

The criteria used is based on the cost solution of the products that can be used as an alternative in the place for the Whittier health network. Considerations for alternative solutions and selection criteria include the following:  The evolution of the requirements and the technology is one of the decision criteria for the alternative solution. This seeks to promote unified collaboration among the workers and promote competence in teamwork(Hinterberg, & Hoffman, 2018).

. The complexity of the product component and product-related lifecycle processes is another decision criteria for alternative solutions. This improves the continuity of the workflow in the management system. They help to depict a high standard of excellence at work and it reduces the management conflict.

Recommendation solutions, implementation, and justification

The recommendation solution should be the goal by focusing on the improvement of the workflow. The alternative solutions span the acceptable range of cost, schedule, and performance. The product constituent requirements are customary and used along with project issues, limitations, and criteria to develop alternative solutions. Selection criteria would typically address costs, time, people, money), The benefits that come upon implementation of alternative solutions are product performance, capability, effectiveness(Drury-Grogan &etal 2017).The development and implementation of this alternative solution are technical, sound, this means for developing the objectives, project team that has drawn on the best available information about the cause, effect relationships, and has the project creation, and diverse alternative based on the sound analysis. The reason for this model is that it focuses on the real-life organizational work group and leadership needed. The model puts the ongoing work group in an environmental context within the organization. This increased focus on the real-life situation and performance and team effectiveness enables a leader to diagnose and correct team problems(Brösamle, &Hölscher,  2018).