Grammar, usage, or mechanics (GUM) response

A. The purpose of the following Five-Step Process is to have you demonstrate recognition and understanding of an acceptable norm of grammar, usage, or mechanics (GUM) in an area that needs strengthening or changing in a report that you have written. Such deviations from the norm distract, slow down, or confuse the reader of your report.
B. Places where you can improve are underlined on your
report with a code number and letter. The source for finding the code number and letter along with an explanation and a few
examples of the norm is The Little Brown Handbook,ninth edition.
C.Your GUM response should be made using the following four or five steps.
1.Type the sentence from your report in which some part has been underlin For example: The payload for the test and the rocket are 25,000 gallons of water.
2.Write the number and letter and a brief description
of the referral indicated in your report. For example: 15a. Make the verb agree with its subject.
3.Write your understanding of what needs to be done.For example: I need to change the verb “are” to “is” in order for it to agree with its singular subject, “payload”.
4.Write your revision. For example: The payload for the test and the rocket is 25,000 gallons of water.
5. Write the following sentence if you have more than one error for the same rule for which points were subtracted. “Points were subtracted for this error (fill in the appropriate number) more times.”
For example: Points were subtracted for this error four more times.