identify and explain a career counseling job app that would be appropriate for the population

The introduction occurs within the first 3 paragraphs of the paper with a clear thesis sentence. identify and explain a career counseling job app that would be appropriate for the population. Such as zoom. Provide an example of a career resource and 3 explanations of how the app would be relevant to the population. Use and identify 3 types of info that may be useful for persons in the Case. Include in your response the difference between career counseling and career planning. Career Counseling: An Holistic Approach, 9e is the text to be used for this writing.

Please read Case Study and respond to questions asked

Case 13.4 Olivia’s Job Loss Olivia told the clinical social worker that she had lost her job as a bookkeeper in a local bank. She had been employed at the bank in the real estate loan division for only a few months. Olivia is a 22-year-old Hispanic who is single and has never married. She attended a local community college for two years and was a business major. Her past work experience was mainly part-time jobs at gro- cery and clothing stores. When asked about grades she made in college, Olivia explained that she got failing grades in some courses because of ill health. Further explanations revealed that Olivia believes she has a serious illness that her doctors cannot find: “I have pains in my side that move from one side to the other, yet the doctor said I’m in good health.” Olivia also stated that she feels fine now and is pre- pared to take on another job. When the counselor asked if she would be interested in a job that is open with a well-known firm, Olivia told her that she could not take that job because she cannot use an elevator. “I get scared when I’m in enclosed places,” she replied.

QuesTions AnD exerCises for DisCussion
1. What action would you take at this point in the interview?
2. What are your tentative conclusions?
3. What assessment instruments would you use to determine if Olivia is ready for career counseling?
4. How would you conceptualize Olivia’s cur- rent mental health?
5. Describe how personal and career concerns are intertwined in this case.

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