Iran’s Foreign policy

Iran: change of political system
This paper will explore Iran’s Foreign policy we will explore if change is possible in the religious and political landscape. also, Explore Iran’s foreign policy and national interests. Look at the political system changes throughout countries in the middle east and see if it is possible to change Iran’s political system.


♣ Why do political systems change?
o Social welfare reduction
o Economic opportunities
o Comparison between Iran and other countries
♣ Political system change
o How Change is possible in countries
o Types of changes in countries
o How Iran would change
♣ Areas of Change
o In policy
o In institutions
o Overall regime change

You should consult at least 1 news stories and 5 peer reviewed sources for your group paper and presentation

Suggested news sources you can look at may include: BBC, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Guardian,, The Times of India, The Wall Street Journal, Xinhua, other major national newspapers and TV networks. Almost all stories used should be from September 1, 2018 onward.

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