American Government

American Government Common Assignment Critical Thinking Component

1. Using multiple sources please provide an explanation for why the United

States’ Federal Government is in debt. Please present several possible explanations for the problem. Address which explanations have the

strongest arguments and which have the weakest arguments and why. (CT1 and CT 2) 2. Of the arguments that have been presented, which do you prefer and why?

What are other possible factors that might influence our national debt, but are not addressed in your perspective? Based on your beliefs about the

national debt what course of action do you think should be taken to decrease the debt? What are some possible reasons why you might be in error? (CT 3 and CT 4)

3. Assuming that the course of action you recommend is taken by the United States Government, what do you believe the consequences would be? Do

not just think about the consequences it would have on the national debt, but also on the United States budget as a whole and the affect if would have on the day-to-day lives of average Americans (CT5).