Hotel Project Business Proposal

Hotel Project

Business Proposal: Section A

(Headings must be used.)

Prepared by:

Presented to:


Purpose:(State the purpose of this business report; use an infinitive phrase: to… )


  1. City Research

(Introduce your city and tell the reader that research data on your chosen city can be found in Appendix, Tables A through D)


  1. Location (Provide the following information)


               Location Rationale(Write one brief paragraph explaining why you selected this city)


(Then, below write at least one well-developed paragraph on each segment of the hospitality industry in your chosen city; summarize and interpret data you provided in Tables A – D)


  1. Hotel and Lodging


  1. Food and Beverage


  1. Travel and Tourism


  1. SEE

                              D 1. Sports


                              D 2. Entertainment


                              D 3. Events

 III. Targeted Market Segments

(At least one well-developed paragraph on each market segment. Refer to City Overview to explain

 why you want to focus on each of these segments)

  1. Hotel classification (type)/service strategy/design/theme(One well-developed paragraph)

V.Ownership(One well-developed paragraph)

VI.City Demographics &Average Wage Rate (Include at least one graph or chart)

VII.Appendix(City Research Charts)   C and D

VIII.       Works Cited page