What is equity? What is debt? Describe the positive and negative attributes of each.

1a) What is equity? What is debt? Describe the positive and negative attributes of each.

  1. b) What is crowdfunding? How has it changed entrepreneurship and innovation?


2) We live in an entrepreneurial world and much is expected of innovators &

entrepreneurs. Is there are darkside to our entrepreneurial era? Some negative truths not

often talked about? Discuss 3 specific threats/dangers of an entrepreneurial world, with

examples highlighting each one. Also, share some thoughts on how to minimize or control

the potential damage of our entrepreneurial economy. (Use examples – from readings,

movies, podcasts)


3) Create a business model canvas for a well known, innovative firm (if it is a large firm

then focus on one product or service area). Which parts of the model are truly innovative

and why? Is this model repeatable and sustainable? Compare and contrast this

innovative venture model to that of two competitors ( you do not have to draw the other

venture’s business model canvases but should pinpoint their uniqueness/differentiators) .


4) Name 3 opportunities and 3 threats that online commerce and digital technologies

present for new venture creation. (use specific examples for each of the opportunities and



5) The professor often states, “Nobody smart finishes where they started.” Using at least

three concepts from the course, explain this statement.


6) A friend mentions they plan on launching a radical new business and asks you for

advice. Specifically, your friend wants a list of 5 “must-do” actions that will lead to their

success as an entrepreneur. Please explain why you have chosen each item and how

each “must do” would benefit your friend as they plan and launch a new firm. Use

examples to strengthen your list.


7) Compare and contrast, using ideas/concepts from the course, two of the

entrepreneurs/ventures from the podcasts we listened to or readings we completed.


8) Please employ multiple concepts from our class to react to and comment on the Diaper

Fairy article in our blackboard account under the additional materials tab. You can do

additional research on Emily the Diaper Fairy.