demand (countries importing the product)

will be needing a 10 page research paper also, and a power point presentation (8 to 12 slides). you’re going to need to choose a product ( coffee for example, you choose whatever you feel you can write better about, but please NO petroleum or gold). i will need the following in the paper and presentation.

1. demand (countries importing the product)

2. Supply (who is exporting).

3. Chart and explaination of Demand and supply over time

4. International Price

5. trend of intenational price

6. elasticity

7. if prices are controlled or not

8. Market Structure

the presentation and the research paper have to be relevant because I’m supposedly going to be presenting what’s on the paper.

also in the presentation i need you to put a small paragraph in the notes, this paragraph is what I’m going to say in the presentation for each slide.

has to be done by 1P.M (4+ gmt)

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