“traditional” marriage in the eyes of the Christian tradition

The scenario: A couple is discussing with you their impending marriage.  They are concerned that theirs might not be a “traditional” marriage in the eyes of the Christian tradition.  They are seeking your advice as to what is and isn’t a “Christian marriage.”  They may be a same-sex couple, divorced, not planning to have children, not willing to commit to a lifelong union, Christian/non-Christian, etc.  What would you tell them about what a Christian marriage is in light of their situation? How would you advise them to proceed?  Be sure to include scripture, tradition, history, contemporary views to support your position as you discuss the purpose of marriage in the Christian tradition.    

-This paper should be 4 pages long- about 1000 words

-Use MLA format for citing any sources.  

-You do not need a bibliography.

-A rubric is attached

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