how the arts in general serve as a means of expression

One of the main objectives of the Arts courses is to articulate how the arts in general serve as a means of expression.  Film making is an art form that draws on the collaborative talents of many individuals.  Choose one of the following films and write a 3-4 page paper discussing how it serves as a means of expression.  


Apocalypse Now

All Quiet on the Western Front

The Longest Day


The Hurt Locker


How does the film use the dialogue, mise en scene, sound and music, and actor portrayals to create a cohesive artistic expression.  What, if discernible, is the greater or deeper meaning of the film?

Art serves as a mirror to the society in which it exists.  Discuss the contextual and cultural relevance of the piece within its societal framework.  How does the film speak to or comment on society?

What kind of reaction did you have to this film?  Did you engage with it fully or find it lacking in some way?  Discuss prescriptively your feelings

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