Mad Men

Mad Men
The Final Salvatore Episodes

Through several episodes now we’ve tracked Salvatore Romano, the closeted gay man who longs for love, but due to many factors, lives a life that keeps his truth separate from his reality. This week, watch “Out of Town” (Season Three, Episode One).  Then watch “The Wee Hours” (Season Three Episode Nine) to see what happens when his worlds collide.

We’ll discuss the situation here:Salvatore,”Out of Town” and the “Wee Hours”

Question: Answer in 1 paragraph

What do you think of Salvatore being fired? What about Donald Draper’s lack of sympathy? Do you see things Salvatore could have done to keep his job? What do you think happens to him after the episode ends?

Respond to classmates Sarah #1 – 2 to 3 sentences

After watching the “Out of Town” episode it seemed as if Don and Salvatore had kind of bonded. Don knows what its like to harbor big life changing secrets and when they are on the plane back home it seems as if Salvatore feels comfortable in Don knowing. When Lee Garner Jr. corners Salvatore, I think he handled it wonderfully. It was very surprising to see how badly Roger reacted to the entire situation. I thought for sure once Salvatore had a chance to speak to Don that he would straighten it out, but he agreed with Roger’s decision. I think the overall theme is that Don is out for himself. He is a master at manipulation and even as a viewer we are easily manipulated by him. I know that Salvatore is probably humiliated and deeply hurt but I hope this drastic change to his life gives him the courage to finally be his true self.

Respond to classmates Veane #1- 2 to 3 sentences

I think Salvatore being fired was completely unfair, I think they should have just removed him from the case rather than firing him all together. I think that if Crane had gone to Sal or someone higher up the whole thing could have been avoided, or if Sal had spoken to someone about it right when it happened and gotten off the case he would not have been fired.

I think Draper’s lack of sympathy was really just a portrayal of how serious he takes his job, and I think it was affected by what he saw in the hotel room as well.

In his last scene of the episode Sal is shown in a phone booth with men all around in a bit of a sketchy area, it’s hard to tell what may happen to him. He may be looking for more work, or for men to cheat on his wife with.

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