Provide a reasonable estimate of the cross-sectional area of this needle

The density of ice is 0.917 g/om’. The latent heat for melting ice is 33 1/g Let us model a sewing needle as a cylinder with a small diamcter. Provide a reasonable estimate of the cross-sectional area of this needle. Provide an estimate of the temperature of an ice cube just removed from the freezer of a standard refrigerator. Also provide a reasonable estimate of the force that a person would apply to this heedle if he or she attempted to push it into an ice cube. (a) (b) Using your numbers from pat ln), determine if the ice will melt under the tip of the needle as the person attempts to push it into the ice cube. (Recall dP/dT As AV)

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How to write a blog post

Using week 9 Components of a good blog post and week 10 “How to write a blog post” document and create a blog post on an experience that is unique….

Analysis of struggle against Racism in the US

In this unit, we will examine the struggle against racism in this country, primarily through the writings of Black activists, from the past Civil Rights Movement and the present Movement….

Navigational Perspective

Navigational Perspective: Delaying the date of departure or changing the dates according to season, and foreseeing navigational alternatives for the titanic” With this in mind, the product we have come….