What I do as a leader

What I do as a leader)

o  What: Write a journal report of approximately 5-6 pages, in APA format that draws on notes kept in your

               weekly journal that captures key lessons from the course (e.g., completed weekly reflective exercises, ideas

               and knowledge gleaned from the readings, results of your experiments in putting theory to practice, perhaps

               a sprinkling of “ahas” that influence your thinking and practice of leadership) and integrates 6 of the

               assigned readings.

o  Why:  Journal writing is a critical part of becoming self-aware and developing effective leadership capability.

               Keeping a journal can help you integrate learning from your reading and class discussions. It will help you

               better understand your leadership experiments and interventions in your action learning, and become aware

               of patterns in your own and others’ behavior.

o  How:  As background for the assignment, each week you will be assigned a reflective exercise to help you learn

               more about yourself, as a leader. You should keep notes about what you learn from doing each weekly

               exercise or assessment in a journal (for your personal use and is not handed in) that serves as the basis for

               your Journal Report. Ask questions that help you capture reflections on each exercise or assessment, such as:

               How has the exercise or assessment helped you develop your leadership skills? What have you learned by 

               completing the exercise or assessment that is a meaningful and valuable leadership lesson?

Your report should include leadership lessons learned that you have utilized from at least 6 of the assigned readings. In preparing your report, you should consider the following:

o  What specific ideas about leadership did you arrive with and how have some of these ideas been transformed?

        Which ideas have been strengthened by the readings?

o  Which readings are having a particular impact on you and why? How did the key questions and journal reflections

        change your ideas and behavior? Demonstrate that you have really worked with and applied the authors’ ideas.

o  How did you change as a leader? What did you do differently as you learned about your leadership? Capture the

         actions you took, and your reflections on these actions, in your journal and supporting paper. Discuss any

         experiments you have tried at work and whether or not you have been effective. Identify how you would approach

         the situation differently with the benefit of hindsight.

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