what it means to be human

Paper Topic (6-7 typed, double-spaced pages)

Literature is an ongoing dialogue about what it means to be human. What do you believe the novel/play you selected reveals about life—about what it means to be human? For example, you might explain what you feel the novel/play reveals about any of the following: 

society; human relations; an individual’s relation to himself/herself, to others, to family, to the society in which he/she lives, or to the universe, etc. Provide evidence from the novel/play to support your interpretation. 

******Paper Topic (6-7 typed, double-spaced pages)

Explain what you see as the central idea/theme of the novel/play you selected and explain the connection between the central idea (theme) of the novel and the historical, political, and/or social milieu (environment) in which the novel is produced and/or set. In addition, explain if there is any connection between the theme of the novel and events and circumstances in the author’s life. Provide evidence from the novel/play to support your interpretation.


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