North-South Trade and Income Inequality

North-South Trade and Income Inequality.

Chapter 5- Page 97 Textbook (old edition) New edition Page 100 and 101 


2-3-page case study analysis (no including cover page), 12 font size, double-spaced.


  1. Introduction/State the decision (1 Paragraph)
  2. Background (1-2 Paragraphs)
  3. Alternatives (1 Paragraph)
  4. Recommendations/Action plan (1-2 Paragraphs)
  5. References (APA format)

For case study 1 you will answer two questions:

Why has wage inequality increased?

In your opinion, what is responsible for the growing gap between skilled and unskilled workers in the United States? And what could be a solution to narrow this gap?

These questions are intended to help you develop your conclusion, make your case, and frame your action plan. You do not have to answer them directly in your assignment, but they may help you as you work on the case.

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