Criminal Profiling

Criminal Profiling

Section Four: Chapters 21, 22, & 23

Video/Case Analysis

Textbook: Criminal Profiling, Brent Turvey 4th Ed, Academic Press

Mass Murder Videos (YouTube):

Video 1: A History of Violence:  Mass Shooting in America

Video 2: Fort Lauderdale Airport Shootings Leaves At Least 5 Dead: 8 minutes

Video 3: Nightline from ABC News:  Colorado Shooting Suspect called himself “The Joker” Police: 

Video 4: CNN Breaking News – Boston Bombings

After watching the videos answer the following questions.

What type of Mass Killer is portrayed in each video. (528-530). Be detailed in your answer. Offer examples.

Is mass murder single acts or acts of terrorism?

Video 2: Gary Ridgeway: Portrait of a Serial Killer Documentary 2016 History Channel

After reading the material in the text, (pages 547-552) pertaining to Gary Ridgeway, AKA “The Green River Killer” and watching the video define and discuss the following:

  1. Ridgeway’s “Victim/Target Selection”:
  2. Ridgeway’s motivation: Specifically discuss how Ridgeway met EACH of the “Four Pre conditions” discussed on page 553.
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