PMI standard, formulas for PV, EV, AC, SPI, and CPI.

Theresponses are worth 10 points each. Please review the PMI standard, formulas for PV, EV, AC, SPI, and CPI.

#1 There are three central processes that arederived from a portfolio strategic plan. Describe each of them. Why are theseprocesses important to the success of an organizations strategic plan?

#2 You are DeVry’s PM of a project to develop anAndroid Bluetooth application. The applications have 4 key features, turningon/off, querying, searching, and pairing. A budget of $180 per feature and a scheduleof 1 feature per day. The project should be finished in 4 days for a total of$800. 

Now, after Day 3, our progress is asfollows: 
Day1 Progress: Turning On/Off feature completed,spent $200.
Day2 Progress: Querying started, did notfinished, spent $220.
Day3 Progress: Querying finished. 50% of theSearching completed and spent $140.

Calculate the PV, EV, AC, CPI, and SPI.

This question is worth 5 points.

#3 Indicate the formulas for each PV, EV, AC,CPI, and SPI.

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