roles in the company’s organizational change

Managers, supervisors, leaders, followers, and employees all need to learn their roles in the company’s organizational change.  The process of learning the best way to complete that change is by organizational learning.  Organizational learning is a method by which employees create new knowledge and improve themselves for the benefit of the company.  They need to understand how to create the optimal organizational learning environment, be aware of why they must learn something, and be sure that the knowledge obtained is useful to the organization (Knowledge Management Tools, 2010).  In order for a company to be successful, change must happen in the most superlative way possible with minimal obstacles.  The key to learning the best way to change the organization is for employees to learn though seminars, conferences, classes, lectures, websites, or books available to them from the organization (NYU, 2014).  Depending on the change that is required, professional expertise may be necessary and it is crucial that the experts can handle any given business function that may be assigned to them (NYU, 2014).  Adequate learning is required before employees can sufficiently execute change and sustain that change long term. 

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