Delta Airlines

Attached is my ruff draft of my executive summary for Delta Airlines.  Between now and when the paper is due. Will be researching and fine tuning it to add to my unit 5 paper.

Executive Summary: Delta Airlines

In the world today of industry, Delta is the world’s third-largest airline.  Recognition at Delta Air Lines has evolved over the company’s entire history, but especially over the last seven years as it became more intentionally woven into the business strategy and employee engagement initiatives. Delta airline is heavily invested in other airlines. Over the past seven years, Delta has made a series of significant investments in recognition. No other single airline has such power to shape the industry and spur further consolidation across the globe.

   Delta owns 49 percent of Virgin Atlantic Airways. The Airline keeps this up, then Delta will be the biggest and single airline in the world. They will own about every sister airline and will be known across the globe. Delta’s experiences are not unique to corporate America. Delta operates in an extremely challenging, competitive environment and looks to serve and recognize more than 50,000 employees, across multiple countries who speak multiple languages. 

The ideal state of recognition at any company is importance and an organizational priority.  However, recognition competes against numerous operational business priorities, financial constraints, and an organization’s ability to deliver and support it.  Delta will remain committed to recognizing employees for significant milestone events, day-to-day contributions and performance which are linked to the company’s business strategy and results.

These investments are strategic, with Asia, Brazil, Mexico, and the U.K. framing Delta’s search for future revenue opportunities. Corporate travel to London helped make the British market Delta’s best for international revenue. There was a time that this airline file bankruptcy and now look a powerhouse buying build a future empire and making money. Everyone loves a trusted name like Delta Airlines.

Doak Tackett

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