Be Your Own Boss Bowl Competition

Recap of Original Project

            The project is “Be Your Own Boss Bowl Competition”. The main purpose of this project is a marketing plan for all Temple student and Temple Alumni to get connected with the event, It’s started by doing research of the events, information overview. Putting information together and organize the past data of the events. Identify how to connect the alumni, find the alumni relation staff from each school. Stored information about the BYOBB, and some marketing resource from past years, historical data and all the contact information in a word document and produce a marketing plan.

            On this project I learned is research skills, it presents an original thesis, or purpose statement about a topic and develops that thesis with information gathered from a variety of sources. This skill will help me gain knowledge about how the professionals who work in the business industry produce similar type their products on the mass scale. It helps me having the ability to draw meaning, interpret the data that I have a search. The other I learn is time management is important too when working on a project I should always manage my time well and have a contingency if there was anything to go wrong potentially jeopardizing my project. Also, I learn organizing skills, for example like goal setting, decision making, project management, making a schedule and creating & keeping the deadline. In this project, I need to determine my target audience and set goals, outline strategies. The last part is I gain marketing skills, I will need to use my creativity and imagination to form the plan for the project. The

challenge part is that there might be some data you can’t find through the research, so you might need to find another way of knowing the data.

            This project will help “BYOBB” attract more alumni to participate, also the student at Temple. Getting people to notice the events and how the events will benefit the audience. Help people understand everything from the report I collect, so people don’t waste time on doing research again, this report really helps time-saving. The report I have was the description of the events, so people will have knowledge of the overall events. I also apply the eligibility, this demonstrates on who will be able to participate. And then there’s a description of how to apply for the competition, where to get help, this helps the audience learns by themselves so there will be fewer people asking a similar question. I also organize some past winner, this will help people understand what are some winner, this really helps them having the idea that there is the participant from each school and some alumni who also win the competition. This will help gain participant. I have included some alumni relation staff contact information and alumni association from each school at Temple University. I also include some social media that is followed by most alumni. The last part is promotion Idea for the events, like posting on social media, sending an email and creating a poster to alumni reunion or other events, so it will really get some attention to attract alumni. By doing this research report, it will be less work for other coworkers who are also doing this project. By having a good marketing plan, it will lead to a good feedback from the audience and have more participant. The more participant the more it will benefit the events.

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