Enterprise Rent-A-Car Case Study

I need to 3-4 page paper to answer the questions under direction concerning Enterprise Rental-A-Car.  I need this by 8:00pm Monday December 17, 2018.  No plagiarism, must be APA format with references.  

The Final Project: Enterprise Rent-A-Car Case Study is due in Module 8. To help you prepare for the project, review the information on the following web page: Recruitment and selction at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Be sure to read all 6 pages of content and explore the Student resources on the right-hand side of the page. You should also explore the Enterprise Alivewebsite.

Directions: For your final project, you will write a report that addresses the following items as they pertain to Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

· What are the elements of Enterprise’s strategic management process?

· How does Enterprise use its human resources to gain a competitive advantage?

· What steps does Enterprise take to cultivate diveristy in its employees?

· What positive elements of Enterprises employee recruitment and selection process can you identify?

· Where are some areas that Enterprise might need improvement in the employee recruitment and selction process?

Would this be a company you would want to work for? Why or why not 

Web sites that must be used:  http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/enterprise-rent-a-car/recruitment-and-selection-at-enterprise-rent-a-car/introduction.html#axzz2wt40yqUo

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