Evaluator Guidelines and Ethics in Program Evaluation

Module 5 – Case

Evaluator Guidelines and Ethics in Program Evaluation

In a 3- to 5-page paper, discuss ethics and accountability in program evaluation.  What are possible conflicts of interest?  Rodriguez and Rincones-Gomez (2012) outline guiding principles and standards for evaluators.  Identify, define, and discuss those that apply to your proposed evaluation or field. (MY FIELD IS EDUCATION K-12)

Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be assessed on the following criteria:

Assignment-driven criteria: Demonstrates mastery covering all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way.

Scholarly writing: Demonstrates mastery and proficiency in scholarly written communication to an appropriately specialized audience.

Quality of references and organization: Demonstrates mastery using relevant and quality sources and uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to support ideas, and convey understanding of the topic and shape the work.

Citing sources: Demonstrates mastery using in-text citations or sources and properly uses APA format including a full reference list.

Critical thinking/Application to professional practice: Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem and viewpoints. Assumptions of experts are analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated thoroughly.  Conclusions are logically presented and applied to professional practice.

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