identify a newspaper article related to a current event

For this assignment the student will: 1) identify a newspaper article related to a current event 2)analyze the current event by using a minimum of ten sociological concepts inthe text, classroom lectures/discussions and/or readings and 3) use academicjournal articles to support your sociological analysis of the current event. Aquality analysis will be type-written, be a minimum of six pages long andinclude the ten concepts as noted above. Additionally, the paper must includein-text citations from a minimum of four academic articles from social sciencejournals (in addition to the newspaper article (s). Please be sure to underlineyour ten sociological concepts. Articles from a reputable online news sourceare acceptable. Please cite the articles and course text on your referencepage. This paper should follow APA or MLA format (APA preferred) and include anabstract, cover and a reference page. The minimum of six pages does NOT includethe abstract and reference pages.

I would like the News Article to be Newsweeks article “Evangelical Christians Helped Elect Donald Trump, but Their Time as a Major Political Force Is Coming to an End” by Nina Burleigh (link below). Or it can be any other article related to a current event, that was the one I was going to use because I found it interesting and I identify as a progressive politically. If you find something better, go for it.

I’m including the link below to one academic journal article that I found to go with the news article I included, but need to cite at least 3 more. You can use the files I’ve included or choose a different current event citing 4 academic journal articles that relate to the news article you choose.A

Sociological Concepts can be:
Primary Groups
Secondary Groups
Voluntary Association
Inner Circle
Iron Law of Oligarchy
In Groups/Out Groups
Reference Groups
Social Diversity
Social Mobility
Social Class
Democratic Facade
Power Elites
Contradictory Class Location
Symbolic Interactionism
Functional Analysis
Conflict Theory
Dominant Group
Minority Group
Institutional Discrimination/racism

News Article:

1of 4 Academic Journal Articles:

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