Street Gang Media Analysis

Street Gang Media Analysis Paper (6-7 pages) Due Final’s Week via Hard Copy


  • You are required to write a media analysis paper on street gangs featured in the media over the last couple of years. The focus of your paper is on a street gang current issue-related topic and/or how gangs are treated in a specific form of media.
  • Media sources may include, but are not limited to: popular magazines, news magazines, newspapers, talk shows, reality T.V. films, documentaries and other sources.
  • The one restriction is that the topic of your media source must be connected to one of the themes presented in the course syllabus and studied this semester.


  • The paper is 6-7pages in length and your analysis should be based on research drawn from academic books, journal articles, official reports, class articles/readings and lectures.
  • Please note, some media pieces might have several urban issues, you may focus on one issue that is presented in a media piece and you do not need to address all points or race, class, gender related issues raised.
  • Some questions to address may include:

What is the purpose and/or main point of the media piece?

What is the main theme/theory behind the media piece’s point of view?

In what ways do you agree/disagree with the main point and supporting research/evidence?

What research can you find that critiques/supports the main point of the media piece?

  • Use 5-6 academic sources to cite. These may be cited multiple times and may be inside and/or outside class sources. Two outside sources must be from criminal justice/sociology scholarly journals (e.g., Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, Criminology Journal, Social Problems).
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